Residence permits are needed to stay longer than three months, for those who want to study, work and residence.

To get a work or resident permit you have to apply first for a single entry resident visa.

To study in Mozambique you have to apply for a student visa. The length of stay in Mozambique is one year.

General Requirements


Valid Passport, which must be valid for at least six months, counted from the entry day in Mozambique.

Passport size photos

Two recent passport size photos for applicants visiting Mozambique for the first time and one for those who have visited Mozambique in the past two years.

Application form

Fill application form in Portuguese or English (black or blue). Abbreviations and acronyms are not allowed.

Specific Requirements

Student visa

● A letter of acceptance issued by the concerned Mozambican institution (School or University) certified by the Ministry responsible for Education or Higher Education.

● Medical Certificate Record (of the applicant).

● Guarantee of accommodation in Mozambique.

● Letter of acceptance from the educational institution.

● Commitment to return to the country of origin at the end of the course.

● Letter from the employer, dealing with the student worker.

● Fees SEK 1.200,00 (normal)

Resident Visa

● A certificate of Criminal Record duly stamped by the respective Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). The validity of this certificate is 90 days, counted from the date it was issued.

● Legalisation of the Criminal Record at the Mozambique Embassy.

● A letter from an employer, assuring that the applicant has been granted a job, therefore requesting the Embassy to issue a resident visa.

● A copy of the work contract.

● A letter from the Mozambican Labour authorities (INEEP), granting a work permit.


● The resident visa can be granted to the spouse and/or children of the applicant or other recognised dependent, as long as they are mentioned in the letter referred from the interested company or institution. A certificate of criminal record is needed for dependents older than 17 years.

(Fees: Legalisation SEK 300, visa normal SEK 600,00)