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Welcome to Mozambique Embassy!

The Embassy of Mozambique would like to inform you, that due to the spread of the Covid 19, the visa issuing process is longer than usual.

All applicants must enclose a written guarantee showing the existence of means of subsist-ence.

Visa applications must be scan and sent by email (info@embassymozambique.se) after completing the general and specific requirements. Exception on the fees:The applicant must pay the fees when requested.

Passports should only be sent to the Embassy of Mozambique when requested. It could be by postal or express mail.

In case of any doubt, before contacting the Embassy, the applicant should consult details on visa available at our website (www.embassymozambique.se).


Types of visa

a) Tourist
b) Business
c) Visit
d) Transit
e) Diplomatic
f) Official
g) Courtesy

All visa applications must be sent to our email address (info@embassymozambique.se) scanned on a PDF format


Obs! All applicant must apply for a visa at least a month before departure (Exception on Diplomatic Laissez Passer Office pass)


a. Valid Passport, which must be valid for at least six months. Recommended at least two years for long stay visas.

Application form

Fill the application form in Portuguese or English (black or blue ink). Abbreviations and acronyms are not allowed. Please put on the top left corner of your visa application a recent colour photo, and then scan the visa application with the photo included.


The applicant must show the guarantee of existence of means of subsistence.
It could be a bank account statement..


Other requirements deemed necessary in the visa issuance process.
The Embassy in the processing of the visa may request guarantees, such as travel insurance and others. These documents should be presented only when requested.
Short stay visas are issued for the purpose of less than three months visit to Mozambique. A short stay visa does not allow you to work in Mozambique.

Numbers of journeys

● Single, 60 days
● Multiple, 90 days

Visa Specific Requirements

Before sending us your visa application to info@embassymozambique.se, make sure that you include in your email all the documents regarding the general requirements and the specific requirements (for each type of visa)

Obs! All invitation letters must be accompanied by a copy of the Mozambican ID, or Residence permit of the person that signs the invitation letter.


a. A Copy of a return ticket or flight schedule printout and
b. Hotel booking.


a. An invitation letter from an institution, business partner in Mozambique, and
b. A letter from the applicant’s company requesting a visa..

Private Visit

a. A letter or invitation from the host, confirming lodging and financial guarantee, and a copy of ONE of the following mozambican documents from the person that signs the invitation letter: BI/Residence permit/ DIRE/Work Visa/Diplomatic card.

b. The visa applicant shall provide a letter of invitation/confirmation from a company, organization or individual wherein the purpose of the visit is stated. In the case of a family visit, specify the relationship with the applicant.

c. If the purpose is to visit a friend, the invitation letter should state how long the host and the applicant have known each other.

d. The Invitation letter must be certified by the Mozambican Notary Services.


a. Note Verbal issued by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy, Embassies, Consulates (Only for Diplomatic)

b. Diplomatic passport.


a. Note Verbal issued by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy, High Commission, Consulate or International Organization. (Only for Service Passport and Laissez Passer)


a. An invitation letter from a Mozambican authority.