President: Armando Guebuza

Flag Coat of Arms

Mozambique, officially the Republic of Mozambique is a country in southeastern Africa bordering to the Indian Ocean in the east, Tanzania in the north, Malawi and Zambia in the northwest, Zimbabwe in the west and Swaziland and South Africa in the southwest.

Government: Republic.

- President: Armando Guebuza
- Prime Minister: Luísa Diogo
- Minister for Foreign Affairs: Alcinda Abreu

Capital: Maputo

25°57'S 32°35'E

Largest city: Maputo

Official language: Portuguese
- Other national languages: Emakhuwa, Xitsonga, Ciyao, Cisena, XiChona, Echuwabo, Cinyanja, Xironga, Shimaconde, Cinyungue, XiChope, Bitonga, Kiswahili.

- June 25, 1975

- Total: 801,590 km² (35th)
309,496 sq mi
- Water (%): 2.2%

- July 2005 est. 19,792,000 1 (54th)
- 1997 census: 16,099,246
- Density: 25/km² (178th)

Currency: Mozambican new metical
Time zone: UTC+2
Calling code: +258

Mozambican National Anthem