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Public Holidays (Embassy closed):

Public holidays in Mozambique and Sweden


1 January New Year's Day  


6 January Epiphany      
3 February Heroes'Day      
7 April Mozambican Women's Day      
3 April Good Friday      
4 April Easter Eve      
5 April Easter Sunday      
6 Abril Easter Monday      
1 May Workers ' Day      
14 May Ascension Day      
23 May Whitsun Eve      
24 May Whitsunday      
6 June Sweden's National Day      
19 June Midsummer Eve      
20 June Midsummer Day      
25 June Independence Day      
7 September Victory Day      
25 September Armed Force's Day      
4 October Reconciliation / Peace Day      
31 October All Saints' Day      
24 December Christmas Eve      
25 December Family day      
26 December Boxing Day      
31 December New Year's Eve      


Includes also the Swedish public holidays







1.1.      One application form titled REQUEST FOR ENTRY TO MOZAMBIQUE correctly and completely filled in and signed by the applicant. The form must be filled in, in Portuguese or English only, in capital letters, using black or blue ink only. Abbreviations and acronyms are not allowed.


1.2.  Two recent passport size photos for applicants visiting Mozambique for the first time or one recent passport size photo for those who have been in Mozambique in the past 2 years.


1.3.  Valid Passport, which must not be less than six months, counted from the entry day in to Mozambique.





2.1        Holder of a Diplomatic or Service Passport, as well as Laissez Passer must attach a diplomatic Note Verbal, issued by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy, Consulate or International Organization concerned.


2.2        For Business Visa: an invitation letter from institutions, business partners in Mozambique or a letter from applicant’s company requesting business visa.


2.3        Private Visitors: a letter from the host, confirming lodging and financial guarantee. This letter must be certified by the Mozambican Notary Services.


2.4        Student visa: a letter of acceptance issued by the concerned Mozambican institution (School or University) and certified by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Also a Certificate of Medical Record of the applicant.


2.5        Residence visa: The applicants must attach the following documents:


a)    Certificate of Criminal Record duly stamped by the respective Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The applicant can only request for single entry visa. The Embassy’s fee for certifying  the Ministry’s signature is SEK 200,00;


b)   A letter from the interested company or institution, assuring that the applicant has been granted a job, therefore requesting the Embassy the issue of a resident visa;


c)    Whenever is possible, a copy of the signed work contract.


d)   A letter from the Mozambican Ministry of Labour (INEEP), granting  a work permit;


e)     The resident visa can be granted to the spouse and/or children of the applicant or other recognised dependent, provided that they are mentioned in the letter referred in b). The dependents whose age is above 17 years old must produce a certificate of criminal record mentioned in a). The maxim period of validity of this criminal certificate is of 90 days, counted from the date it was issued


2.6        Tourists: a copy of a return ticket or printout of the flight schedule.


2.7        Transit visa: general requirements with a length of stay in Mozambique not more than 7 days.


New visa fees as from 1st October 2013



1.1 Normal ( 7 days)               600.00
1.2 Urgent ( 3 days)              800.00
1.3 Very Urgent ( 1 day)            1.000.00
1.4 Express (Same Day)            1.300,00


2.1 Normal ( 7 days)               900.00
2.2 Urgent ( 3 days)            1.200.00
2.3 Very Urgent ( 1 day)            1.500,00
2.4 Express (Same Day)            1.800,00


3.1 Issue of Passport (duration 45 days - EMBAMOC Lisbon) 50Euros+correjo
3.2 Extension on validity of passport               300.00
3.3 Endorsement               300.00
3.4 Declaration               250.00
3.5 Notary               300.00
3.6 Authenticity of copies               220.00

Power of attorney

3.7.1 All puposes               400.00
3.7.2 Specific purposes               300.00
3.8 Document for burial               330.00
3.9 Birth Registration               100.00
3.10 Death Certificate               200.00
3.11 Emergence Certificate               400.00
3.12 Notary Certificate               300.00
3.13 Marriage Capacity Certificate               400.00
3.14 Consular Registration               -
3.15 Wedding Ceremony               600.00
5 Emergence fees for all others consular documents               200.00



For all categories and types of visa, the maxim length (duration) of stay in Mozambique is 30 days, counted from the entry day. After this period the concerned person must live the country (for multiple entry visa holder) or report to any Migration Office (for single entry visa), wishing to extent his/her stay in the country.





The visa fees are paid in Swedish Kronor only, in Cash, on the submission of the application.  Bank transfer can be accepted, provided that the applicant pays all required commission fees for a complete transaction. The Embassy of Mozambique, Bank Account nr. 5240 - 3311472, SEB; IBAN: SE07 5000 0000 0524 0331 1472 BIC: ESSESESS  The applicant must also attach the bank prove of the transfer made to the Embassy of Mozambique or fax to +46 8 6636729


Following are the visa fees by category and type of visa, in accordance with the service requested.





1.   The Single and Transit Visas must be used within 60 days from the day of Issue.


2.   Please, mention your telephone number in your application for any contact if needed, and send a paid self addressed envelope.


3.   The entry/exit borders mentioned in the application form are referred to the Mozambican borders.


4.   In case of sending money for posting, the following are the fees charged by the Embassy:


Within Sweden: 1 to 2 passports SEK 90,00; 3 to 7 passports SEK 100,00; 8 to 12 passports SEK 110,00; 13 to 18 SEK 120,00 more than 18 passports SEK 140,00.


Form the Nordic Countries: 1 to 2 passports SEK 120,00; 3 to 7 passports SEK 170,00; 8 to 12 passports SEK 220,00; 13 to 18 SEK 270,00 more than 18 passports SEK 320,00.


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