Diplomatic Personnel

His Excellency

Mr. Florêncio Joel Sele,
Mrs. Ambrosina Delfina Dos Santos Tamela

Mr. Raimundo Wilson
Counsellor (Political and Consular)
Mrs. Joaquina de Lurdes Nhampule

Mr. Miguel António
First Secretary (Economic)
Mrs. Joana Albertina Feniasse Mahita

Mrs. Angelina César Tembe
Attaché (Administrative and Finance)

Organization Chart


The Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique in Stockholm was opened in 1988 with aim to strengthen the solidarity, friendship and cooperation with the Nordic countries. The Mission in Sweden covers also the others Nordic Countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.


H.E. Mr. Alberto Massavanhane
(1988 – 1993)

H.E. Dr. Rui Baltazar dos Santos Alves

H.E. Dr. Eduardo Bacião Koloma

H.E. Mr. Pedro Comissário Afonso

H.E. Mrs. Frances Victoria Rodrigues

Chancery visiting address

Tingsvägen 19, 9th Floor
191 61 Sollentuna-Sweden
Postal Address:
P.O.Box 199
191 23 Sollentuna-Sweden

Tel- +46 8 666 03 50
Fax- +46 8 663 67 29