Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique

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Work, Residence and Student


a) Passport

Copy of a valid Passport, which must be valid for at least six months. Recommended at least two years for long stay visas.

b)Application form

Fill the Visa application form in Portuguese or English (black or blue ink). Abbreviations and acronyms are not allowed.

d) Coloured photocopy passport data page
Legible colour photocopy of the bio-data page of your passport.

e) Guarantees

The applicant must enclose a written guarantee that shows the existence of means of subsistence. It could be a bank account statement.

f) Other

Others requirements deemed necessary in the visa issuance process.
The Embassy in the processing of the visa may request guarantees, such as means of survival, travel insurance and others. These documents should be presented only when requested.


1. Work
2. Residence
3. Student


1-Work Visa
a) Employment contract or agreement;
b) Work permit granted by the Mozambican competent authorities, if he or she is employed by others;
c) Work permits if the applicant wishes to pursue a liberal profession;
d) A supporting document enabling him or her to pursue the profession for which he or she is authorised;
e) A permit from the Minister with a portfolio of Cooperation, when it comes to workers who come from the country under the cooperation agreements;
f) f) Authorization of the Minister responsible for religious affairs and terms of responsibility of the organization that the applicant belongs to, if the applicant wishes to develop an activity framed in a religious organization;
g) Medical certificate;
h) Proof of guarantee of accommodation conditions in Mozambique;
i) Guarantee for possible repatriation of the foreign citizen, as well as the dependents.
j) A Certificate of Criminal Record issued by the competent authority of the applicant´s country of nationality or the last country residence for at least one year; duly stamped by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the issuing country

2- Residence Visa

a) Medical certificate;
b) Proof of guarantee of conditions of food and accommodation in Mozambique;
c) Document proving possession of income, whether the applicant intends to live on his or her own income;
d) A certificate of Criminal Record duly stamped by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the issuing country (or last residence for at least one year).
e) Term of responsibility, whether for spouse, minor or incapacitated child.


f)The Residence visa can be granted to the spouse and/or children of the applicant or other recognised dependent, as long as they are mentioned in the letter referred from the interested company or institution.
g)A Certificate of Criminal Record is needed for dependents older than 17 years.

3-Student visa

a) Scholarship: Document proving that the applicant is a scholarship beneficiary in Mozambique or another ensuring the frequency of the course;
b) Letter of acceptance of the educational institution;
c) Medical certificate;
d) Proof of the guarantee of accommodation conditions in Mozambique;
e) Letter of commitment to return to the country of origin after the course;
f) Letter from the employer entity, in the case of a working student.