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The Investment and Trade Agency

The Investment and Trade Agency was created on 1 November 2016 by the Government of Mozambique as a public institution. The Agency results from the merger of the Investment Promotion Center (CPI), the Office of Economic Zones for Accelerated Development (GAZETA) and the Institute for the Promotion of Exports (IPEX).

With this merger, the Government intends to ensure a greater alignment with the government's objectives and goals in the development and promotion of investment and exports.

The new agency is supervised by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, with the aim of bringing together, in an integrated form and in a single entity, actions to promote private, public investment and exports.

The Government of Mozambique intends to create synergies between the entities directly involved and responsible for the positioning of the investment and business environment in the country, strengthening relations with investors, foreign trade operators and creating a single focal point voice for communication.

Thus, the new agency has as its aim the development and implementation of actions to:

● Promoting and managing processes of private and public investments,

● Creation, development and management of special economic zones,

● Export processing zones

● Promotion of domestic exports.