Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique

In The Nordic Countries
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The Embassy of Mozambique would like to inform you, that due to the spread of the Covid 19, the visa issuing process is longer than usual. All applicants must enclose a written guarantee showing the existence of means of subsistence.

Visa applications must be scan and sent by email (info@embassymozambique.se) after completing the general and specific requirements. Exception on the fees: The applicant must pay the fees when requested.

Passports should only be sent to the Embassy of Mozambique when requested. It could be by postal or express mail. In case of any doubt, before contacting the Embassy, the applicant should consult details on visa available at our website (www.embassymozambique.se).

Our Consular and Visa Service is basically dedicated to attend citizens from the Nordic countries and Mozambicans living in the region. We recommend that you apply for a visa well in advance for your trip.

The aim of issuing a visa in Stockholm is to facilitate the tourism and to promote businesses and investments in Mozambique.

All applicants are required to explain in detail the purpose of the visit. Non Nordic citizens have to attach a copy of their residence permit.

The Embassy during the processing of a visa may request guarantees, such as means of survival, travel insurance and others. These documents should be presented only when requested.

The Mozambique Visa is granted for different categories such as tourism, business, visit, resident, student, work and official purposes. The maximum staying period is 30 days from the date of entry in Mozambique.

The basic entry visa to Mozambique is a single visa, valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

In terms of number of journeys, you can apply for a Single Entry Visa, valid for 60 days and Multiple Entry Visa for 90 days, all starting from the date of issue.

For all categories and types of a short stay visa, the maxim length (duration) of stay in Mozambique is 30 days, counted from the entry day.

After this period, the visitor has to leave the country. The exception is applicable for the holders of the single entry visa. The single entry visa can be extended two times at the Migration Service.

Short stay visas are issued for the purpose of less than three months visit to Mozambique. A short stay visa does not allow you to work in Mozambique. Employment is not permitted during any of the short staying visas.

A foreign citizen intending to stay longer than three months in Mozambique has to apply for a long stay visa, namely work, residence and a student visa.


The visa fees issued by the Embassy of Mozambique in Stockholm are paid in Swedish Kronor. Before payment of fees and services, please note that the Mozambique Visa entry is not for sale. You are charged only for the service. The visa request may be accepted or declined.
The fees to process the visa and services are not refundable, even if the visa application is denied.
Urgent or express visa fees do not guarantee you that the visa process will be completed on the same day or the next. In some cases, the processing time can be longer due to the consultation to the Mozambique's National Migration Services headquarters in Maputo.
You are requested to mention your e-mail, mobile phone and telephone in your application for any contact if needed.
The entry/exit borders mentioned in the application form are referred only to the Mozambican borders.